I met my dancing partner, Sharonna Brott, at dancing many years ago, and was impressed by her grace and balance. Eventually we became partners and danced together until I stopped because of injury. We have remained dear friends, so it was a joyous occasion for us to dance together again to make the videos of these dances. It was just like old times apart from knees, backs and ankles! She is flexible, committed, positive, accepting, laughs a lot, and to top it off, she likes my dances! In the majority of dances with a second person, Sharonna was there.

 In the one dance Sharonna was not able to be present at, I was joined by Lily Hampel, who also worked tirelessly to present my dance in the best possible light.

Debka Ole was choreographed especially for the primary school students taught by my long time dancing friend Rosie Tusia. It was a joy to teach alongside her again. As always, she lights up the circle when she dances in the centre. I had been teaching her latest class of students recently when I  decided to record Hem Osim Oti Sameach, so it was a pleasure to dance together again.


I pay tribute to Les Posen for his help. Not only did he video most of the dances, but he also formatted them so that I could include them on the site. He also was generous in his support, patiently responding to my numerous technical questions, giving advice when asked, and in general, proved to be a positive force in my web endeavours. As we say in Australia, "Onya, mate!"


My sons, Adam and Simon, are both professional musicians of the highest calibre. As well as being composers, arrangers, university lecturers, instrumentalists (Adam on guitar - both electric and acoustic, and Simon on bass - also electric and acoustic) to name but a few of the strings on their bows - er whatever, they are also wonderfully supportive of my dance endeavours. They have both been involved in musically notating, arranging, producing, recording and singing on songs that required singing (Shalom and Ose Shalom Bimromav to date, but more to follow). In some of the songs, they performed all the instrumentals and vocals, in others, they had the help of the other brother, and in Debka Lev, which required skilful percussion, sourced Dave Beck, one of Australia finest jazz drummers. I am indeed blessed to have had their help, advice and support.

My wife, Rosemary, has also been a constant source of encouragement and support. When I am in creative mode, I move around the house mumbling, singing, talking to myself, dancing, and generally am in another world. It is wonderful to constantly be given space, time and patience and a generosity of spirit that is unmatched.